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Amo Yachts - Why are there sailboats with two rudders?

Why are there sailboats with two rudders?

November 5th, 2019

Today, many sailboats have two rudders instead of one, as is the case with traditional boats. The main reason is that the ships manufactured today are wider than the old ones and their shapes are different.

Designer Lorenzo Argento said that “when the boat heels, even at the stern the central line of the boat tends to move away from the surface”, so the double-bladed rudders reduce that distance and make it easier to control the course of the ship when it is heeled.

Velero con dos timones

Advantages of dual rudders

The main advantage of dual rudders is that they allow you to control the course of the boat when it is heeling. Similarly, each of the levers has a direction: 20 degrees to starboard one and 20 degrees to port the other.

This makes it much easier to control and learn. In addition, not only does one person have to handle it, two people can be placed at the controls of the boat.

In addition, both levers move with different turning angles to avoid reducing the speed of the boat. Another major advantage of these rudders is that they increase the space at the stern and leave a space that can be used as a garage to install the tender.