How are the seasons splitted? (High/medium/low)

Most of the owners of the ships do split the seasons and their prices as following:

  • High season: July and August
  • Mid season: June and September
  • Low season: Rest of the year

What is included within the charter rate?

It depends on the boat, normally we include captain, welcome drinks and towels. You find all the exact details for each ship with click on the ship. Not included is the fuel and 21% VAT.

How do I book?

Choose your boat directly from our homepage and click on “Charter Request”. Or get in contact with our charter department, either by telephone/whatsapp (+34 672 496 086) or by email Please provide us with the following informations to find the perfect ship for you: dates, budget, number of passengers.

After choosing the ship we will send you a customer data sheet what we’ll ask you to fill out and resend it. Next step is the invoice of the deposit payment, and with receiving of the deposit the ship is finally reserved for you.

How much is the deposit payment?

To reserve the ship for you, we need a deposit payment of 50% of the charter price.

Do I have to leave a security deposit / caution?

Security deposit / caution is necesary for

  • Bareboat-Charter / Charter without skipper:

Depending on the boat, we take between 1.500-3.000 EUR security deposit from your credit card wich we give you back the same day with your returning of the boat in same conditions as it was before.

  • Booking of a Yacht with overnight stay:

If you wish staying overnight or a few days on a yacht, the charter contract says there is a 30% of the full charter price to pay in advance for the APA (= Advanced Provisioning Allowance). APA is a deposit payment for outstanding fuel and food & beverage costs.

For how long do I have the ship?

A normal charter day goes around 8 hours. Boarding takes place between 10h and 11h and you will be back in the port around 19h. Of course you can start later, but ships has to be back in the port latest at 20.30h. If you wish coming back earlier, just let the captain know, that is of course never a problem.

How do I pay?

The first deposit payment to reserve the ship has to be paid by bank transfer or here in the office by credit card. The remaining 50% of the charter, as well as the fuel and any extras, is to be paid on charter day here in our office by credit card or cash. Please find exact payment terms in your charter contract.

Do I have to pay the fuel separate?

Yes, at the end of the day with check out. Fuel is counted by the captain due to motor hours and the daily fuel price. Please be aware of different fuel billing models depending on your charter (daycharter, bareboat-charter, weekly charter/overnight stay).

What happens if I can not make it on charter day due to illness or other problems?

There are no refunds for short-terms cancellations. The yachts are always fix reserved and blocked only for you. For early changes please contact directly our charter department!

What happens if we have bad weather on charter day?

Bad weather is: electrical storm, heavy rain, waves >1m; actually the weather in ibiza is amazing all summer long, it would be rare to get this problems. But in this case we will try to rescedule your charter day and if that is imposible, of course we will give you back your deposit payment.

Why there is a maximum of 12 persons on board?

By law in spain there is a maximum of 12 persons on board of all chartered yachts. Beside of the law, we do also have to meet the charter permission for each boat. Therefore, sometimes there are even less than 12 persons are allowed on board. You find the max. persons for each ship at its specification. Please contact our charter department for group reservations or events.

What language is spoken on the ship?

All Crew members do speak spanish and english and mostly a third foreign language like italian, german, french.

Am I insured for accidents?

Yes. The ship as well its guests are insured for accidents.

Is there any dress code on the ships?

No. There is no dress-codes on the ships. Most important: shoes off! And for those who would like to have some lunch at a restaurant in formentera, please be aware of restaurant’s dress code (swimwear only mostly not accepted).

Can I rent a boat for a few hours only?

Normally not. Amoyachts Yacht Charter Ibiza does offer only full day charters. But: you can start your charter day of course at the time convenient for you. Please contact our charter department for any special requests.

Do I have to tip the Crew?

Tipping is purely voluntary and the source of endless debate. If you do decide that you want to tip the captain – if they’ve been professional, helpful, gracious, etc – then it’s customary to pay 5% to 10% of the total charter amount to the captain before you leave the boat.

Why do I need a license for Jet Ski rentals?

In certain countries a Certificate of Competency is required to participate in watersports activities (jet skis, waverunners and other mechanically propelled watercraft). Please consider which members of your party will want to use the yacht’s motorised water toys. If they do not have the required licences/certificates we can arrange for an instructor to come on board the yacht during the charter to issue a certificate or to drive the JetSki with you together. Certain areas prohibit the use of motorised water toys, for example Formentera. Please note that there is no license needed for using a SeaBob!

How runs a charter day?

We always meet in our office at Yacht Harbour Marina Botafoch, doing together the paperwork and the rest payment. Finished this, you will be accompanied to your ship and introduced to the captain and crew. Most of our guests are cruising to our beautiful neighbour island formentera, enjoying an amazing lunch at one of the beautiful beaches and going afterwards to some hidden beaches for some snorkeling, cave diving and swimming. The exact route can also be discussed on charter day with the captain directly. Back in the port is waiting our charter manager for you for doing the check out and fuel payment.

What is the duration of a charter day?

A normal charter day takes about  8 hours. We recommend boarding between 10h and 12h to get the most out of your charter! You will be back in the port around 19h and latest at 20h. If you wish coming back earlier that is of course never a problem.

Are drinks on board?

Yes. We always have some complementeray drinks on board and included in the charter price (some soft drinks like Coke, Fanta, Water and some beers). It’s around 2 beers each person, same for the soft drinks. Normally there is enough for a full charter day. If you wish more and/or different drinks, just send us a list with all your wishes and we will prepare everything perfectly for you on board. Those extras are paid on charter day. Please send us your wishlist at least 3 days before your charter starts.

Can I book a catering or any other special requests?

Yes. Please get in contact with our charter department for your catering request. Our charter department will take care of all the organisation between you, the caterer and the managmenent of the ship. Same for any other requests like drinks, flowers, private chefs, bartenders and whatever you wish for your perfect day on board.

Can I bring own food and drinks?

Of course! You can bring everything you need for a perfect and unforgettable day on one of our yachts!

What happens if I can not make it on charter day due to illness or any other problems?

There are no refunds for short-terms cancellations. The yachts are exclusively reserved for you. For early changes please contact directly our charter department!

How is the fuel counted?

For daycharters, fuel is counted by the captain due to motor hours in the end of the day. For a normal daycharter Ibiza-Formentera-Ibiza, you can count with around 2 hours of fuel. You find the fuel consumption of each ship in the ships specification. One example: fuel consumption: 120 L / hour, you ran 2 hours and the daily price of fuel is 1,20 EUR/L:

2 Std. x 120 L = 240 Liter // 240 L x 1,20 EUR/L = 288 EUR

Fuel is to be paid in the end of the charter day to our charter manager or directly to the captain (depending on the ship).

Does tables has to be reserved for lunch?

Yes. Our charter department helps you finding the perfect restaurant, or just let us know where you wish having lunch and we take care of all your reservations.

Can I drive boats with my car driving license?

No. For renting a ship without skipper you need at least a ship driving license as well as some experience in our waters around Ibiza and Formentera.

Do I have to leave a security deposit?

Yes, depending on the ship, we take a security deposit of 1.500-3.000 EUR on your credit card. This amount is returned on the same day with bringing back the ship in same conditions as it was before going on board.

What happens in case of damage?

In case of any damage or defect, we first will keep your security deposit until all the repair work is done. If costs of repair are less than your deposit you will get returned the difference. If repair costs are higher than the deposit you left with us, you stay only with the costs of the already left deposit.

How do I act if something happens on sea?

First of all, no panic. We are always there for you at +34 672 496 086 and +34 650 801 839.

What do I have to bring on charter day?

Please bring your

  • license for driving ships
  • ID card
  • credit card
  • mobile phone

And then, whatever makes you happy on your day at sea (drinks, food, towels, sun cream, camera…)

For how long do I have the ship?

We have the ships ready to leave in the morning around 10h and need them fully tanked back in the port at around 19h.

How is the fuel counted?

Ships are fully fueled before you start your charter day. Please fill up the tank in the end of your charter day at the gas station, like you know it from every car rental. The gas station accepts cash and credit card. Please note the opening hours of the gas station and be aware of some possibly waiting time in high season!

Am I insured for accidents?

Yes. The ship as well its guests are insured for accidents.

Does the charter has to be one week long?

No. Please contact our charter department at to schedule the exact dates and available yachts-

What is the APA?

This is the Advance Provisioning Allowance. The APA essentially creates a bank account for the Captain of the boat to provision on your behalf. Key provisioning are fuel, food, drinks and port fees. Normally a 30% will be added on to the base charter fee – depending on the type of boat and therefore fuel consumption. You will pay this with your final charter payment. The Captain is obligated to keep all receipts and balance the account for you, and you can check the expenditure level at any time during the charter.

At the end of the charter, the Captain will give you a full account of your expenditures, and any amounts not used will be refunded to you. There are no mark-ups on the APA – all of the funds go directly to buying fuel, food, etc.

Can I cook on the ship?

Of course you can, ships are all equipped with kitchens. Usually the crew does also cook for you, but if you wish cooking on your own that is of course never a problem. Please provide us one week before boarding with a list of food and drinks you wish us to prepare for you on board.

Who does arrange my reservations in restaurants etc.?

All this is part of the preparation of your charter and organised by our charter department.

How is the fuel counted?

Fuel is counted by the captain due to motor hours. The captain can explain you always how many fuel has already been spent. For weekly charters, fuel is paid with the APA.