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Reasons why the low season can be the best in Ibiza

February 9th, 2022

Reasons why the low season can be the best in Ibiza

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The reputation of the high life island full of parties, clubs and expensive luxury resorts and villas precedes Ibiza. The small Balearic island is just 1/6 the size of its big sister Mallorca or half the size of Germany’s capital Berlin.

There are 60 beaches on the approximately 210 kilometres of coastline. In Ibiza’s high season, there are a lot of people on these beaches. Thus, spring is becoming more and more popular among many connoisseurs.

Ibiza is famous for long party nights that attract vacationers from all over the world. Whether in clubs, discos or beach clubs the parties are known worldwide and legendary. But you should really take a moment to look behind the facade away from mass tourism and see the true nature of the Balearic island. Behind every pine-covered hill there is something to discover.

Spring is characterized by pleasant temperatures and good weather for exploring.

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We will show you the advantages of spring and what not to miss.

  1. Ibiza as it used to be – Life in the 60s

In many places, you can feel the vibe of the hippie culture that has characterized Ibiza since the 60s. As a dropout island for Europeans, today you can find not only relics but also the still active hippies with their extraordinary lifestyle and fascinating authenticity.


In the low season, you have the opportunity to experience the original Ibiza in all its colours. Stroll through the culturally rich villages such as San Juan or San Carlos and experience the culture of the free spirits first-hand. Every Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm, San Juan’s village square transforms into a popular, low-tourist hippie market where you can get fresh food, handmade goods and lots of live music. Or treat yourself to lunch at Bar Anita in San Carlos. Famous for her openness to the hippies, the landlady runs a day bar where the island’s hippies still hang out today. Everyone is welcome and can feel at home.

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In the ’60s the hippies lived in simple fincas on the campo, only a few have an official address. That’s when Anita opened post boxes that are still in use today. It is said that whoever managed to get hold of one of the coveted mailboxes in Anita’s bar made it. These are still in operation today and can be viewed in the bar. To this day, the landlady is considered the “mama of flower children.” Definitely worth a visit.


On no other Balearic island, you can feel the power of the 60s as actively as on Ibiza.


  1. Everything is in bloom

 Spring feels like the island’s flower girls picking their colours from the trees in Ibiza. At the end of January, the island first turns into a sea of pink blossoms – if you like it fabulous, be sure to stroll through the Valley of the Crowns in Saint Agnès (formerly Saint Inez), where thousands stand in full bloom The almond tree shone in a matte pink dress. You can easily do this short hike on your own or with a guided tour. After the short-lived pink wonder, everything else will sprout – by March at the latest, Ibiza will be greener and more colourful than ever. Then olive and citrus trees shine in competition, and it feels like the island is smiling at us.

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  1. Villages freed from the hustle and bustle

Pretty little villages like Santa Gertrudis, also considered by many to be the most beautiful on the island, are even prettier in the off-season. Here you can sit in the afternoon shade on a wooden bench in front of the Bar Costa and enjoy the typical Iberian smoked ham and rustic white bread. Whether it’s an unpretentious Spanish café or Isleña island beer, the bottle itself is a souvenir.

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No matter where you are, you will always feel the tranquillity that catches you up with the incomparably cozy Spanish lifestyle. And all this on a very compact, manageable island area – which in turn sets Ibiza apart from a much larger Mallorca.

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  1. The relaxed island capital

Ibiza Town is anything but dated – but pleasantly quiet. It’s easy to find a parking spot, you don’t have to squeeze through a crowd to see the house, don’t wait a second to get a seat at the popular Café Croissant show, and don’t be there the whole time if you’re hot or thirsty. The city, with its beautiful and winding old town of Dalt Vila, is a piñata – a place of unparalleled warmth.

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  1. Have beaches to yourself

The restaurants and beaches on the island are beautiful in the summer, but unfortunately completely crowded. In early and late summer they become absolute dream places. Then small beach bars like in Aguas Blancas in the northeast will quiet down and serve a limited number of vacationers.

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By the way, Aguas Blancas Beach is definitely an insider tip – and the favourite beach of most residents of the island.

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The quaint beach bar El Chiringuito with its juicy sandwiches is one of the best on the island. It also captivates with relaxed music.

With a bit of luck and depending on the time of year, you may even have some of the beaches to yourself in the off-season. Climatically, you are usually on the sunny side of life on the “magic island” anyway – no matter what time of year it is.

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