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Amo Yachts - Secret bays of Ibiza

Secret bays of Ibiza

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Anyone who has ever been to the Balearic Islands in high season knows the beaches are overcrowded by tourists. Especially at COVID times, the Ibiza government acts strictly and specifies a maximum number of visitors for some smaller and very popular bays. Among others, the Instagram hotspots Cala Salada (over 80,000 posts) and Cala Saladeta (around 50,000 posts), which are true dream beaches and a very popular photo motif, were sealed off in a controlled manner last year. As a result, visitors had to wait several hours.

The access control to the praised beach is in operation from 9 o’clock in the morning, also on the footpath to Cala Saladeta, according to Covid regulations, a maximum of 132 people are allowed to be there at the same time- which is the case every day in summer at this time and already from the early morning hours.

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It is not only under these circumstances that a private boat charter is very popular. The most beautiful bays of the Pitiuses are easily accessible by boat.

Anyone looking for peace and quiet on their holiday and seeking time out in unspoilt bays will easily find it in Ibiza.

Bays such as Cala Moli, Cala Salada and Saladeta, Cala Xarraca and El Portitxol are wonderful for a break away from it all, assured by poor network coverage. The perfect places to really switch to flight mode.

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Some coves are difficult to reach on foot. Like Atlantis, for example. Part of the Cala D’Hort nature reserve, this secret spot lies below the hill in front of Es Vadra. A 40-minute walk downhill over sand, stone and through the bushes brings you to a unique place. The so-called Buda Cave, the natural pools and the sandstone quarry is a true pearl of the Mediterranean.

A more comfortable way is by boat. Departing from Marina Botafoch or Marina Ibiza, passing the sandy beach of Playa den Bossa, you will pass Cap des Falco and the salt flats, and just before the magical rock of Es Vedra you will reach the small bay of Atlantis.


Another insider tip is Cala Es Niu de s’Aguila. This private beach (private because it has no road access) is reached by land after a 30-minute hike downhill past many beautiful villas and fincas. Here, too, it is easier by boat.



With regard to the best route for your charter or boat trip, the captain’s word should be considered. Our captains, with years of experience, are always happy to recommend a route based on the following considerations: Client expectations and preferences as well as the client’s nautical experience and our professionalism and years of experience. He/she will recommend the best option, tailored to your wishes and requirements, so that your days at sea are an extraordinary and enriching experience.

However you choose to spend your holiday, don’t miss Ibiza’s hidden gems.

Secret coves of Ibiza