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Nuova Jolly

LOGO NJ Transparent Fond Noir

The pursuit of perfection!

«Each of us dreams to escape …»

Which product can achieve this dream? It’s to answer this question that Domenico Aiello created the first inflatable boat Nuova Jolly in 1961.

In his quest for perfection, he continued to test each new model in difficult conditions, or impractical, to guarantee the highest quality of materials, assemblies and dynamic qualities of its ribs. In the early 90s, the five sons of the founder come into play, each with a specific role in a real team spirit. With

50 years of experience and a yard of 5000 m2 situated on the outskirts of Milan, Nuova Jolly Marine has become

the leading brand in Europe for its high-end inflatable boats. Nuova Jolly Marine offers a full range of inflatable boats from 5 to 13 meters acknowledged by the public for the safety, quality, longevity, ingenuity and exceptional marine qualities of each of its ribs.

Nuova Jolly offers the following lines:


…use us to do what we were created for…

We make solid, versatile ribs that come complete with everything you need to spend unforgettable days at sea. Constructed on the basis of the famous Nuova Jolly hulls, they offer impeccable seaworthiness and a wealth of onboard space. Designed for intensive use, they have always been synonymous with durability, and their unrivalled quality is guaranteed. This range starts with the “little one”, the NJ 530, and stretches all the way to the celebrated NJ 700 XL, the largest 7m rib on the market that, despite its dimensions, becomes easily towable once deflated!


NJ 530

Nj 530 G3 1 480x480

NJ 630

Nj 630 480x480

NJ 650 XL

Nj 650 Xl 1 480x480

NJ 700 XL

Nj 700 Xl G1

Prince Open

…as gorgeous as the sun…

The ribs of the Prince Open series stand out for the refinement and attention to detail embodied by the accessories and finishing elements that impeccably delineate the contours of these boats, which are renowned worldwide for their proverbial seaworthiness. Their legendary hulls, characterised by a pronounced V-shape and an impressive deadrise, allow you to navigate your way through any sea conditions, with unrivalled comfort and maximum safety. The Prince Open range encompasses a full seven models, starting from the Prince 21 and extending all the way to the super-fast Prince 43 CC, which is available in both inboard and outboard versions and can deliver a maximum of 1050 horsepower!

Prince 22

Prince 21 22 480x480 (1)

Prince 24

Prince 23 24 480x480

Prince 27

Prince 25 27 480x480 (1)

Prince 30

Prince 30 480x480

Prince 33 CC

Prince 33 Cc 480x480 (1)

Prince 38 CC

Prince 38 Cc 480x480

Prince 43 CC

Prince 43 Cc 480x480

Prince Cabin

…because I just might want to sleep in the harbour…

The ribs of the Prince Cabin range are geared towards those who want to make the most of life at sea. Equipped with large-scale cabins and featuring separate bathroom facilities, they allow you to spend the night on board, in the utmost comfort, thus extending the boundaries of summer cruises beyond their natural limits.High-end finishing touches and accessories complete the profile of these vessels that, with their well-balanced, sporty, sinuous lines, are bound to catch the eye, thanks also to their innate elegance – another distinctive feature of all Nuova Jolly Marine products…This series includes six fantastic ribs, from the entry-level Prince 23 Cabin to the rightly celebrated flagship, the Prince 50 Cabin.


Prince 24 Cabin

Prince 23 24 Cabin 480x480

Prince 33 Sport Cabin

Prince 33 Sport Cabin 480x480

Prince 38 Sport- Cabin

Prince 38 Sport Cabin 480x480

Prince 43 Luxus-Cabin

Prince 43 Luxury Cabin 480x480

Prince 50

Prince 50 480x480


…some serious fishing is guaranteed…

These ribs are designed and built for fishing fanatics who can, at last, reconcile their passion for the high seas with the needs of the family. The ribs in this range have been conceived specifically for offshore fishing and are equipped with a tuna door, live bait tanks, a sea-water pump for rinsing, compartments for fishing equipment and, naturally, concealed rod holders …It is even possible to install a bow thruster, which is essential both for maintaining a precise position and for towing silently.

NJ 700 Troling Se@fish

NJ700 SeaFish Trolling 4 Mercury 480x480

NJ 700 Big Se@fish