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Ibiza’s Beach Clubs


 Whether for breakfast or sunset. The best way to unwind is to spend the whole day in one of Ibiza’s popular beach clubs.

We’ll introduce you to the best ones and also reveal the best spots to enjoy a drink.

30 degrees, sunshine – IBIZA. What more could you want?


Go to the beach club in the morning, order cocktails, sunbathe, eat lunch as soon as you feel like it and end the day on a Bali bed until sunset.

We don’t want to talk about CBBC – Cala Bassa Beach Club, Nassau or Blue Marlin. These classics are well known outside our little island.

How about the incomparable view of Experimental Beach instead?

This beach club is not located on one of Ibiza’s sandy bays, but practically between Salinas and Cala Jondal.

From there, the sunset is truly cinematic! The beautiful undisturbed landscape that frames the image of the sea, while the Ibizan sun dips the sky in all imaginable colours. Accompanied by good music, a drink and good friends.

Just an evening in Ibiza.



The crème de la crème of the party scene meets regularly at a top beach club on Ibiza’s longest sandy beach.

 Cocobeach has been shaping Ibiza’s beach club culture for decades with direct beach access and select music. Whether you want to sit inside or outside is up to you.

The view of the clear water and the light sand is guaranteed from all seats.

 The finest cuisine and good service – sun – beach and more 😉




Elements Beach Club:

In the hippie ‘main bay’ Cala Benirras we find the Elements Beach Club.

In harmony with nature from front to back. Let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of Cala Benirras.

We would like to make a special mention of the cuisine here:

The dishes are well thought out from start to finish. The pasta is prepared fresh every day, with organic eggs, flour, fresh water and lots of love. The fish is freshly caught from the waters around Ibiza. Most of the fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs come from their own organic gardens.

Taste the fresh, pure flavours of chef Mauro de Mauro, which can only be described as “from farm to fork”.


Amante Beach Club

Deeply loved and highly regarded. The bay of Sol Den Serra should be on every trip list to Ibiza. The crystal clear water attracts a lot of people to this bay. To be honest, the prices are not for a small holiday budget, but you don’t treat yourself to anything else on holiday 😉 Amante is not only a wonderful beach club but also an extraordinary event location. If you are currently planning a wedding or something similar, we would be happy to recommend this location.

Whether you just want to have a drink, spend the day relaxing on the Bali bed, have dinner or plan a wedding, we recommend you book well in advance.

The venue only has a relatively small number of seats, which is perhaps why it is so popular.