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Amo Yachts - How much does it cost to rent a boat?

How much does it cost to rent a boat?

I’m sure you’ve dreamed of sailing a boat before. It’s true that buying a boat can be a big cost for many people, especially because of the maintenance and mooring costs, so more and more seafaring enthusiasts are opting to rent a boat.

The perfect boat for the perfect occasion

The type of boat you can choose varies, mainly, depending on the budget you have available. The larger the boat, and the newer it is, the higher the price. At Amoyachts we have sailboats, yachts, megayachts, motorboats, catamarans, zodiacs and luxury motorboats at your disposal.

Fiesta en un barco

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Ibiza?

Renting a yacht or a boat during your holidays in Ibiza is one of the most popular tourist offers today. The prices of these rentals are much more affordable than they were years ago.

To give you an idea, at Amoyachts you can rent a yacht in Ibiza from 550 euros. You can also choose between skippered boats or unskippered boats.

What does boat rental include?

Depending on the boat you choose, you will have certain advantages; however, almost all boats include a captain, a complimentary drink and towels. In the day charters we offer 2 beers, or soft drinks, per person; if you want more you will have to send a list and pay these drinks on your return.

And what are extras?

It is very important to know those expenses that are additional, either optional or obligatory. In Amoyachts the obligatory ones are included in the rent of the boat and they refer to the crew, the drink of courtesy, the towels and the service of cleaning, among other things.

Optional expenses refer to those extras that enhance your experience and make it unique. In this case, we refer to the possibility of renting jet skis or a seabob, gasoline or food.

Calma en un barco de alquiler

Tips for renting the best boat

Here is a list of tips for those interested in renting a boat in Ibiza.

  • Sailing or motor boat. The first option is ideal for groups of several people, because it has more space and the fuel they use is very little. Motor boats are perfect because they allow you to visit more places and reach the same shore.
  • What should appear in the contract. The fiscal data of the company, the registration number, the name and model of the boat, the date, the name of the captain and the title should appear. In addition, your personal data must appear and the price with 21% VAT.
  • Number of days. It is not the same to rent a boat in Ibiza or Formentera for one day than for several, it also varies if you are going to sleep on it. As a minimum, these rentals last about 8 hours, from 10:00 to 19:00 approximately.
  • Captain. It is essential to have the peace of mind of having someone who knows how to steer. That is why at Amoyachts we have been working for 15 years with professionals who have extensive experience in the seas of Ibiza and Formentera.

What knowledge and documents do you need to rent a boat?

The first thing is to decide which itinerary you are most interested in and which coves you would like to visit. In addition, you need to be aware of the weather and make sure to bring safety equipment; you also need to know if there is a protected area.


In order to formalize the reservation, you will receive a document that you must fill in with your personal data and resend it. The following information must appear in this letter:

  • List with the names and surnames of all crew members.
  • Signed copy of the rental contract.
  • Navigation form.
  • Copy of the Skipper’s License, showing previous experience sailing in Ibiza and Formentera.
  • Copy of DNI or passport.

Once on the boat, it is necessary that all members carry their ID. In addition, if the rental is without a skipper, one of the passengers must carry the title of Skipper of Recreational Boats, credit card, a contact telephone.

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