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The Absolute Yachts shipyard is located south of Milan. This is one of the best-known boatyards in Italy. With high-quality workmanship, luxurious equipment and exclusive design, the up to 73-foot-long noble yachts are among the top international yachts. “Make your yachting experience Absolute” is the essence of Absolute Yachts’ brand philosophy.

Absolute Navetta68 02

What is the Absolute Yachts trademark?

Quality and beauty are among the main values of these special yachts. Furthermore, efficiency and low environmental impact are synonymous with Absolute boats, which is why the shipyard installs Volvo Penta engines in their Absolute Yachts. These engines are known for efficient performance and low environmental impact. The low fuel consumption, reduced emissions and also a low noise level prove how important harmony with nature is to this Italian shipyard.

Absolute Navetta68 15

What distinguishes the Absolute Yachts shipyard?

The production process of Absolute Yachts is unique! To make the structure of the hull stable, multi-layer lattice structures made of Kevlar, glass fibre and carbon fibre are laminated over the entire hull. In addition, all wooden floors and ceilings are also fitted with glass fibre beams to ensure optimum structural resistance. Parallel to the hull of a boat, the associated interior fittings are created at the same time. This production process, called “Integrated Structural System” or ISS for short, differs significantly from traditional manufacturing methods. The goal behind it is to build boats that respond optimally to the diverse conditions on the high seas. Each new model from Absolute Yachts must meet the same efficiency criteria, such as light and robust construction, acoustic insulation and insulation.

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What kind of yachts does Absolute Yachts build?

Currently Absolute Yachts has Navetta & Flybridge in the four model ranges in lengths between 47 and 73 feet, with the model range being constantly expanded to include the most successful models.

Design awards, interior design and innovation, and ‘Best European Boat of the Year’ are just some of the prestigious awards given to the Absolute 70STY (2010), the 53STY (2011), the 72FLY (2012), the Navetta 58 (2015), the Navetta73 and 50 Fly (2017) and the 58Fly (2018).

In 2019 and 2020 Absolute Yachts could once again win. BEST FLYBRIDGE YACHT (above 55ft to 80 ft) 2019 for the Absolute 58 Fly. In 2020 the Italian shipyard won the award for Best Innovation of the WOLRD YACHT TROPHIES for the excellent work of the Navetta 64. It also received an award from BEST OF BOATS 2020. The new year is still young but Absolute made it to win for the NAVETTA 64 the EUROPEAN POWERBOAT AWARD 2021.

Absolute 58FLY 07

Why are Absolute Yachts so popular with owners?

Absolute Yachts stands for elite sports boats and flybridge boats that meet the highest standards! Absolute boats generally have a large draught and an exceedingly large beam, which is why life on these yachts is so much fun. A highlight of Absolute Yachts is definitely the huge flybridge, which is much larger than those of other yacht manufacturers. It offers a generous seating and dining area and is usually equipped with an electric bimini top as standard. Relaxing hours on sunny days are guaranteed. A unique feature of Absolute yachts are the generous, frameless windows, which provide an endless view of the horizon. The light-flooded interior practically merges you with the sea. With precious natural materials such as wood, crystal, leather, marble and Murano glass, together with innovative solutions and high-quality designer furniture, every day on an Absolute yacht is unforgettable. The ceiling height is also a selling point for many primarily male customers.

This is always kept pleasantly high, so showering on the 47 ft yacht, for example, is easy even for tall people.

Absolute 50FLY 19

What are the latest top models from the Absolute Yachts shipyard?

Absolute Navetta 64

The Absolute Navetta 64 is one of the latest models in the Navetta line (2020). The wide and uninterrupted side glass window that extends from the aft transom to the windscreen outlines her exterior forms, which are characterised by the significant enlargement of the bow windows and the opening of the side gunwales in the cockpit. Generously proportioned at 19.60 metres long and 5.15 metres wide, she uses this space to the full. The wide hull offers spacious and luxurious cabins for family and friends with plenty of room for individuality. On board Navetta 64, all rooms are designed to offer the maximum enjoyment of space – always with panoramic views and very bright, thanks to windows of unprecedented size. The fly area has a far greater width than on any other 64-foot yacht. The special feature of the Navetta 64 is the completely new beach club function. This platform allows for a very nice living space close to the water. To ensure that this space is perfectly watertight, Absolute Yachts has developed an automatic inflatable sealing system as soon as the doors are closed. Uniqueness for days and nights right on the water!

Nav 64 EPB

Absolute 50 Fly generation 2021

Absolute Yachts has introduced another gem to the market with the Absolute Fly 50. With an excellent balance between size and functionality, as well as a large amount of space, the Absolute 50 Fly hits the core of this yard. This dynamic and innovative motor yacht stands out above all for its shapes, colour combinations, materials and finishes. The Fly area, which is one of the largest in the range, features a table surrounded by a sofa, a fully equipped kitchenette and a double helm station with another comfortable sun lounger. The third sunbathing area is located at the bow, easily accessible through a pleasant and well-protected walkway.

Absolute 50FLY 01