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Amo Yachts - Nuevo barco en la flota – Frauscher 1017 GT air – HISTORIA

Nuevo barco en la flota – Frauscher 1017 GT air – HISTORIA

With the words «The award-winning Gentlemen’s Racer is the heart of the Frauscher brand, offering everything customers need for a day at sea: style, performance, clarity and ease of use with high-quality materials and features.» is how the Austrian shipyard praises its elegant yacht.

We are proud to announce that in 2021 we will start our season with a Frauscher yacht in our fleet. Our ‘Historia’ is 10 meters long, impresses with the elegance of a big yacht. Her convertible sunbeds in the stern and bow, as well as the bimini tops that can be placed above both sunbeds, make the boat an ideal day charter yacht.

Who is behind Frauscher Yachts?

The shipyard in the heart of Austria impresses with the attention to detail. Frauscher has been creating boats for more than 90 years with innovative ideas, precise craftsmanship and the passion for the beautiful hours on the water. Design and technology as a success factor in the international premium league. In cooperation with an internationally esteemed design team, Frauscher creates an independent, new design language that is recognized worldwide. Frauscher has been building electric boats since 1955, in 2008 Frauscher built the world’s first sports boat with a hybrid engine and finally in 2009 the world’s first certified boat powered by hydrogen energy. With a share of around 40% of the total number of units, however, electric mobility is not just a dream for the future, but a living reality.

Frauscher Boats


Frauscher 1017 GT air:

The air variant of the highly functional day cruiser offers the first-class handling characteristics of its predecessor model, complemented by an even more generous amount of space and a modernized design.

«When developing the 1017 GT Air, we were primarily concerned with improving the feeling of space on board: the centre helm position, the extended benches, innovative stowage solutions create a completely new sense of freedom and of movement over a length of 10 meters. Another focus was on making the design more dynamic. This has been achieved perfectly with the spherical windshield and the impressive ambient lighting.» – Michael Frauscher



Charter 2021

A boat of Frauscher has not been on charter on our Pitiusan Islands before. This is what makes her so unique. Highest quality on the newest standard of the shipbuilding industry.

Our captains take care of the whole package. Whether you want to enjoy the small bays of Ibiza or the long white beaches of Formentera, our Frauscher 1017 GT air is ready to explore it all with you.

Anyone who has had the chance to enjoy a trip on this boat can certainly agree. Our Historia brings it all.


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