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The 10 best beaches in Ibiza

March 2nd, 2021

Ibiza – an island full of legends and myths – and probably as many rumours as truths.

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Our white island is famous all over the world for its parties and beaches.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the top beaches and get to the bottom of a few rumours.

Why is Ibiza called the white island?

Many people think it’s because of the wonderful beaches. However, this is a fallacy. The real reason is this:

In the early 20th century, Catalan artist Santiago Rusiñol first renamed Ibiza the “White Island” after his trip in the summer of 1912. The name was so successful that it was used as an advertising slogan for the island. The traditional use of whitewash by the islanders to cover the façades of country houses and churches probably inspired Rusiñol to create this slogan.

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Nevertheless, our white beaches underline the slogan with every holidaymaker and shape the image of the island.

The most popular beaches are located on the different corners of the island.

Playa den Bossa

One of the most famous and also the longest sandy beach in Ibiza is Playa den Bossa. Almost 3 kilometres long, the sandy beach stretches along the south coast of Ibiza. With a view of the waterway from the port of Ibiza to Formentera and the flight path of the airport, this beach is a special experience.

The crowd on the beach differs every kilometre.

Large and well-known beach clubs as well as party locations are spread along the entire length. From Ushuaia to Cocobeach and Nassau Beach Club.

The beach is definitely worth a visit, and if you are not staying in one of the established 5-star hotels, you can still enjoy the view from one of the rooftop bars.

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Las Salinas (Ses Salines)

The beach is named after the salt fields you pass through on the way there, a nature reserve and one of the most interesting landscapes on the island. Las Salinas is one of Ibiza’s in beaches and very popular with both holidaymakers and islanders.

The long curve of fine light sand is surrounded by pine-covered dunes. The clear, shallowly sloping water shines in a variety of blue and turquoise tones on calm days, and when the wind blows from the south, waves usually build up that are not too big, ideal for bodysurfing.

At the right end of the beach, there are small catamarans on the sand that can also be rented. Walking along the beach, you pass several very popular beach restaurants and beach bars. The first-class food, the beautiful people who come here, and the simply beautiful location are well worth the rather exclusive prices.


Es Cavallet

Es Cavallet is a very pretty beach with white sand and often high waves. On a clear day you can see both Ibiza Town and Formentera, and in the background are the salt fields of Las Salinas, so even getting there is an experience.

The beach is an official nudist beach, mainly in the middle area and in the dunes. The restaurants at the northern end are very popular with the rich and famous, and at the far end gays and friends gather, there’s also a super nice beach bar here.

Wild and natural, fringed by dunes and a green belt of shady pines, this beach gives you a sense of privacy. When the east wind picks up, high waves attract the experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers. The dune landscape and the wide sandy beach invite you to take relaxing walks on the beach, especially in the low season. In the summer months, a relaxed party atmosphere lasts all day long with house music and cocktails.

Es Cavallet


Cala D’Hort

Dominated by the beauty of the magical Es Vedra rock, Cala D’Hort is a must-visit place.

Undoubtedly one of the most enchanting coves in Ibiza, in the middle of the nature reserve and dominated by the majestic presence of the es Vedrá rock and the es Vedranell area. Highly recommended for families as it is a quiet beach, although it is becoming more and more fashionable. Here you will find three restaurants to have breakfast, fresh fish or a drink: Del Carmen, Cala d’Hort and Es Boldadó.

The sunset on the cliffs near Cala d’Hort is impressive before the slope down to the beach begins.

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Cala Comte (Platges de Comte)

Caribbean – Crystal Clear – Breathtaking

Platges de Comte is a complex of several small bays in the middle of an exceptionally beautiful natural landscape. Particularly beautiful is the play of colours at sunset and the view of the three silent witnesses: the small islands of S’Espartar, Es Bosc and Sa Conillera. The interplay of the luminous sand and the light reflections of the setting sun on the turquoise waters make this place seem like paradise at any time of year. There are also a number of restaurants for food and drink.


Cala Bassa

This popular beach near San Antonio attracts tourists and locals in high season, especially at weekends. You can reach the bay by car, boat or bus and there are many facilities on site as well as boardwalks that make access easy for people of all ages, prams or people with disabilities. There really is something for everyone.

Around the beach you will find many old gnarled Sabina trees, the water in Cala Bassa is clear and turquoise with light golden soft sand. Children swim safely here, which makes this beach a popular destination especially for families.

A tip for the sporty among you 😊 The path from Cala Bassa to Cala Comte is a really beautiful hiking trail and definitely worth the walk when the temperatures are good.

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Cala Benirràs

If you’re visiting Cala Benirràs for the first time, you’ll probably feel like you already know it. This is because it is one of the most characteristic images of the island. The photo of the sun setting behind the “finger of God”, as the island that emerges from the water in this area is popularly known, is one of the most frequently used in brochures promoting Ibiza as a tourist destination. If you haven’t travelled to the island yet, but have a friend who has and insists on showing you their photos, you’re sure to have this image in your head too.

Benirràs Bay is one of the must-visit places in Ibiza, whether with family, friends or your partner. Although it is located in the north, its western exposure allows you to enjoy the sun all afternoon. Surrounded by mountains full of green pines, on Sundays it becomes a meeting place for hundreds of people who take part in its famous drum festival or just watch. In the evening, just before sunset, the left end of the beach becomes an impromptu stage where the show is guaranteed. While some drum, others dance, take photos or drink and watch the party that lasts until sunset. There are many who claim that this show is one of the few that retains the hippie essence that surrounded Ibiza in the 70s. Of course, it is undeniable that the energy that is concentrated in the place at this moment, and how atmospheric the surroundings are, leaves no one indifferent.


Aguas Blancas (Aigües Blanques)

Aguas Blancas is one of the locals’ favourite beaches. Lined by high cliffs and wonderfully unspoilt nature, the beach has fine and soft sand. The seabed is also sandy, but interspersed with rocks in places, so you have to be a little careful where you step.

Aguas Blancas is an official nudist beach, but this is very mixed, some go nude, others don’t. You can find more nudist beaches in Ibiza here if you like to bare all. Sometimes you’ll see people covered in red clay – don’t be surprised, the clay from the cliffs mixed with water makes a paste that’s supposed to be good for the skin!

With north-easterly winds, it’s often quite wavy here, good for bodysurfing. On calm days the water is incredibly clear and ideal for snorkelling – 30 metres offshore there are two interesting rocky islands and at the right end of the beach a small cave can be explored.

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Cala Tarida

Sheltered bay near the small resort of Cala Tarida, the longest and largest beach on this side of the island. On the right side, the sandy bottom slopes gently down into the clean clear water, while on the left side it is deeper and more agitated. The water is wonderfully clear and shines in all shades from turquoise to deep blue.

In the surrounding hills you will find buildings that blend in well with the landscape. A club hotel is located directly on the beach, which is why it is very popular with families with children. On the beach you can buy inflatable water toys, snorkelling equipment and beach balls if sunbathing alone is not enough. For those looking for a secluded spot, there are small hidden coves at the northern end and interesting rocky islands close to the coast.

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Cala Llonga

You really can get and do anything on Ibiza, if you only know where. This is especially important for families with children, and in the small resort of Cala Llonga, all their needs are met. From beach activities to accommodation and restaurants, everything is designed to give families a terrific holiday.

The sea slopes gently here and the picturesque beach of Cala Llonga, one of the largest on Ibiza, stretches as a large arc of light sand over 200 metres long and 100 metres wide. There is enough space for everyone here – from clubbers recovering from the last night out to a children’s playground in the middle of the sand and a mini amusement park. In addition, there are many nice cafés and snack bars where there are plenty of offers for a younger crowd as well.

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